By Berta Moncl├║s, IMPROVA (Spain)

Picture by Zapa7ir

Each step we take brings us closer to learning the technique. That technique that sustains and elevates us, and allows us to delve deeper into each of the themes framed in the case scenarios identified in the ACTitude project (you can read them here

Human beings who play and throw themselves into the void, with the certainty that the net will appear. It generates a strong bond between the group, united in the face of laughter and difficulty.

Improv transforms. It transforms us. We are well as in the groups where the pilot is developed, there are certain improvements in dormant skills, or certain judgements disappear. It’s all very embryonic but there is something that is already saying.

Doing improv is difficult, you feel vulnerable because your person is exposed there, it’s like dropping your trousers; you expose your intimacy. Improv should be a fair and lively image of human nature. And I think that in these months of work we are bringing out the most beautiful shine of our natures.

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