ACT IT OUT course

ACTitude training program will be a custom made, eminently practical training tool for professional use of education and social professionals in the mental health sector with the objective of capacitating them to empower their clients suffering from mental illness (PWMI) to act against situations of emotional and verbal violence the latter are subject to, such as mockery, disdainful and belittling comments or sneers.

The training program will provide the professionals with comprehensive baseline information about the nature of emotional and verbal violence suffered by persons with severe mental illness. On one hand, it will help the professionals to understand and identify emotions experienced by PWMI subject to verbal violence and to comprehend the attitudes that persons who have been exposed to non- physical violence develop. On the other hand, it will offer a set of practical tools based on Improv techniques that will help the professionals to tackle the aspects of emotional management with the patients and clients as well as to prepare the patients to act against the situations in which they are subject to non-physical violence.

The training materials are currently under development. Once it has been finalized, this page will contain a direct access to the e-learning platform hosting the training course.