Franziska is an 18 years old girl who belongs to a middle-class family. She is currently pursuing her high school. She is currently in her second year. As a person, Franziska is a little reserved and has a small friend circle. She takes some time to open up to people. Franziska noticed that as soon as she entered the high school, there was a drastic change in her parent’s attitude towards her. According to Franziska, her parents had become over-protective, suspicious, and argued with her almost on a daily basis. Her parents didn’t like her meeting school friends and especially boys and kept a check on her calls and messages. She was not at all comfortable with the restrictions her father had put on her. Franziska was increasingly feeling restless and agitated. At times, she used to also answer them back which lead to further conflicts and fights. Franziska was scared of her father and believed that her father would never listen to her. Franziska assumed that talking to him was of no use. Due to the constant conflicts with her parents, Franziska became stressed and realized that she is not able to concentrate properly on her studies and she is lagging behind in her academics as well. Since she was not able to deal with the situations and her studies were getting impacted really badly.

Theoretical background

Aggression type

Relational aggression with elements of verbal aggression and even emotional violence.

Emotions: anxiety, anger

Coping: functional coping strategies

Questions and answers

1st Question

At what point in the scenario do you find that the protagonist was a victim of violence? To what kind of violence does the scenario refer to? 

1st Answer

When her parents had become over-protective, suspicious, and argued with her almost on a daily basis.

It refers to emotional and verbal violence.

2nd Question

Do you think that the thoughts, the actions, the feelings and the attitudes adopted by the protagonist of the scenario helped him/her to cope with this situation? Are there any alternative ideas?

2nd Answer

No, it didn’t she couldn’t deal with the situation and in fighting back with her parents she also made the whole situation worse. As a result Franziska started feeling depressed, her depressed mood got worse and will get worse in this vicious cycle. In this case the family is instrumental in the healing of Franziska’s psychic.

3rd Question

What other interventions and actions could further help the protagonist to deal with this incident and with any potential similar incidents in the future?

3rd Answer

  • Behavioral interventions
  • Developmental interventions
  • Family-based interventions, a therapy altogether
  • Therapy-based interventions
  • Medical interventions just to get over the depression and being able to focus on strategies to deal with the situation

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