The protagonist is a man with mental health issues. He goes to a therapist, but he does not tell anyone about it, neither his closest friends nor his family. He doesn’t want them to change their attitudes towards him and he is afraid they would judge him in a bad way if they discover he is mentally ill. As a result, the people around him continued to treat him as usual. In fact, in his workplace he was given many responsibilities in the work that drained his mind. Eventually, he became more stressed and lost his job. His friends stayed away from him; even his family blames him for being unprofessional and non-resistant at work for a tiny bit of more responsibility.

Theoretical background

Aggression type

Fear of social stigma – resulting in relational aggression.

Emotions: shame, fear

Coping/Stressors related to mental illness/social stigma

Questions and answers

1st Question

At what point in the scenario do you find that the protagonist was a victim of violence? To what kind of violence does the scenario refer to? 

1st Answer

  • When his friends stay away from him.
  • When his family blames him for being unprofessional at work.
  • It refers to emotional violence.

2nd Question

Do you think that the thoughts, the actions, the feelings and the attitudes adopted by the protagonist of the scenario helped him/her to cope with this situation? Are there any alternative ideas?

2nd Answer

No, he isn’t able yet to react to it honestly and protect himself. If he doesn’t open up, neither he will get help from the people around him regarding his mental illness, nor will they be able to understand the situation and react accordingly.

3rd Question

What other interventions and actions could further help the protagonist to deal with this incident and with any potential similar incidents in the future?

3rd Answer

  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Medical interventions
  • Vocational interventions
  • Social care interventions

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