Mr. Mathew is a 20-year-old man facing mental health issues.

He lives with his mother; he doesn’t work and the only thing that he enjoys doing is going walks and attending social events because he likes being surrounded by people. 

Last Saturday he attended a food festival organized in a village nearby the town he lives in.

After having a great time there by tasting different foods from other countries and socializing with people from the fest he started walking to reach the closest bus stop feeling grateful for this peaceful and fulfilling evening.

Thinking of all the things he would recite to his mother he lit a cigarette.

During his walk, he was approached by a group of youngsters, who asked him ignobly for a cigarette.

Feeling uncomfortable by their attitude he refused to give them one, letting them realize that he was annoyed by their behavior.

Acting normally, they started shouting and laughing at him, making rude comments and mocking him. Feeling humiliated, Mathew, decided to ignore them.

Then, they started throwing stones towards him.

With the feeling of fear and anger at the same time he decided to hide around the corner and wait until the youngsters had gone, mumbling “why don’t you leave me alone!”

Theoretical background

Aggression type

Episodes of verbal, postural and physical aggression.

Emotions: fear

Coping/Stressors related to mental illness/social stigma and victimization

Coping/Functional coping strategies

Questions and answers

1st Question

At what point in the scenario do you find that the protagonist was a victim of violence? To what kind of violence does the scenario refer to? 

1st Answer

Mathew has been a victim of verbal violent from the moment the youngsters asked him ignobly for a cigarette, when making rude comments and mocking him.

He was emotionally violated when they started shouting and laughing at him. Emotionally violated should have felt when, probably desperately, trying to avoid the stones.

2nd Question

Do you think that the thoughts, the actions, the feelings and the attitudes adopted by the protagonist of the scenario helped him/her to cope with this situation?  Are there any alternative ideas?

2nd Answer

Instantly, these actions helped him. Not for managing the situation but for avoiding being further emotionally and verbally hurt.

In his situation and with his psychological status, maybe it was the right thing to do at the specific time. He was alone and he felt humiliated not to mention helpless.

3rd Question

What other interventions and actions could further help the protagonist to deal with this incident and with any potential similar incidents in the future?

3rd Answer

Maybe he should make these long walks along with some friends. He should learn to cope with rude people.

He should work with his therapists’ self-esteem and self-confidence issues.

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